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Fund Raising Opportunity with Live Streaming.  Motivate your fan base and excite your sponsors.  Pay Per View opportunity with sponsored graphics can create revenue for your organization.  

Broadcast your game or tournament online.   We can stream indoor and outdoor sporting events.  From a basic 1 camera stream to multiple cameras with graphics, we can bring your event online for remote viewers.  Pay per view can also bring in revenue for on-demand playback.  Set your own prices and bring in the revenue.  Motivate your fan base to spread the word and increase your fund raising capability.  Contact us for more details.

Live Streaming Camea_edited.png

We use a Bonded LTE system for outdoor events.  This technology allows us to bond together several LTE modems to deliver a high quality, high definition broadcast to your viewer.  Most areas do have plenty of broadband coverage for live streaming.

For many indoor sporting events, we utilize a PTZ camera system that allows us to remotely control up to 3 cameras .  This provides a great viewing experience, reduces operator costs, and keeps the camera operator out of the way.  Check out the boxing match on top of the page.  For this event, we utilized 2 PTZ cameras and 1 Fixed camera with an operator.

3 Camera Stream Package_edited.png

We stock many different encoders, cameras, switchers, sound systems, wireless microphones, quiet generators, broadcast headsets, etc.  One stop shopping!

Customized web page on  Complete with your organizations logo, upcoming schedule, etc.

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