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Live Streaming Packages starting at $525.

Live Streaming Events Since 2010

High Definition Video and PowerPoint
Single or Multi - Camera
Professional Sound
Private and Public Streaming Options
On-Demand Playback 
Global Reach
Customized Landing Page


SRT, .h264, .h265, RTMP, HEVC, LRT

You don't have to know what these terms mean, but we do.  Always investing and putting into place new technology.


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Broadcast your next event "Hybrid" with Zoom, Teams, or similar platforms.  We can turn your zoom event into a full production. Replace that tiny built in laptop camera with a High Definition Camera.  Integrate the room sound system right into Zoom.   Bring remote presenters on to the big screen. 

Take it to the next level and stream your event in very high quality.   We provide private streaming services with a customized viewing page. 

Bergen Audio Visual specializes in Live Streaming.  We have the equipment and experience to bring the quality of your stream to the next level.  

*** HEVC Streaming Now Available ***

HEVC allows us to stream with half the bandwidth.  This fully automated system will detect available internet and automatically determine the best settings for your live stream.  This system utilizes .h265 compression and allows us to achieve very high quality streams even when the available internet may be limited. 

We consistently stream indoors and outdoors.  We also utilize bonding technology which allows us to stream through multiple types of internet connections at the same time.  

Contact us for more details...


We provide equipment and services to make your upcoming event viewable anywhere there is an internet connection.

Live Streaming Production Company located in New Jersey.   Streaming live events since 2010.  High Definition streaming across the globe.  Private and Public options.  Using bonded networks we can stream from practically any location.  

Reduce your streaming costs by utilizing Pay-Per-View for live and on-demand viewing.

Brand your viewing page with the organization's logo.

Lower third graphics for sponsors 

Do you have your own equipment and need to stream an event?

We can provide a customized experience for your viewers.  Contact us for more details.  

live streaming provider in nj

Fully Customized Web Page to enhance your event.  Include pictures, documents, full featured chat, lower 3rds, graphics, etc

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